Fat Meter

The ULTRAMAC fat depth meter (Model B10) accurately measures the actual fat depth on live beef cattle.

It uses high frequency sound waves to probe the hide, fat and muscle layers.

The instrument is small, lightweight and very easy to operate.

The operator applies some coupling oil to the measurement locations and places the transducer, which is at the end of the cable onto the animal.

The digital display INSTANTLY shows the result of this measurement.

The displayed measurement can be transmitted to an external device such as a printer, data logger, or computer.

The electronic circuit is contained in a small box. The internal battery is rechargeable from either mains supply or car battery.

The instrument will give an instant and OBJECTIVE Measurement of the fat depth on cattle.

Current Price is $3750 inc GST

Please contact Royden Lake on 0267712266 or email info@ultramac.com.au for enquiries or more information.

Sales Package and Brochures:

B10 Brochure

B10 Manual

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