Huntkey USB Type-C 60W Charger


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USB Type C, also known as USB C, is a 24 pin USB connector featuring horizontally symmetrical design with the ability to “reversibly” connect with the charging devices and transport data and power. Applied with USB Power Delivery technology, the Huntkey USB C adapter can not only be compatible with a wide range of devices but also deliver super fast charging speed.

Reversible Connector for Convenient Connecting Different from various USB A and USB B connectors, also known as Type A and Type B connectors, USB C connector features a new and standardized small reversible-plug that can be plugged in either way for easy access to the electronic devices, meaning the users no longer have to get the plug the right way round. USB Power Delivery for SuperSpeed Charging USB has evolved to a double functional interface capable of transferring data as well as delivering power.

USB Power Delivery, or USB PD, is a charging technology and protocol used in the field of power delivery. It uses USB C cables and connectors to deliver power to the devices with a much faster charging speed. Compatible with Multiple Devices USB C connector is small enough for a smartphone but powerful enough for a laptop, which means it can be used to charge a wide range of electronic devices, such as smartphones, power banks, tablets, laptops, monitors, and drones.


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