Revell IM-99 Bomarc Missile 1:56 – 85-1806


Ground-to-Air Guided Missile with actual moving parts.

  • Ages 14 and up
  • Level 5
  • 7 hours build time
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Stopping nukes with nukes

Early in the Cold War, when the threat of atom-bomb bearing bombers roaring in was very real, the Bomarc was one of the first SAMs put into use to protect against a first strike. Planned massive batteries of these missiles could be emplaced around America’s major cities. If hostile bombers were detected, they could be launched, home in, and then detonate their own multi-kiloton warhead. In the end, ICBMs made Bomarcs obsolete. The few remaining missiles are on static display. Kit features launch rails, service platform, crew figures, instrument panel, and blast shield.
Scale: 1/56
Length: 7-9/16″
Width: 4-5/16″
Height: 12-7/16″
Parts: 61