Tamiya Stegosaurus Stenops 1:35 – T60202


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Stegosaurus Stenops
Perhaps the best known of all the plated or armored dinosaurs was this creature that lived during the theorised late Jurassic period. With a length of six meters and a weight of about two tons, this peaceful vegetarian is believed to have lived in the swampy areas of the world, feeding upon soft plants that grew in humid and hot climates. It had an extremely small head, as compared with the size of its body, and its brain was about the size of a small walnut.

Plastic parts molded in light gray and attached to spruce trees.
Thorough research for a highly accurate model, including the scale and pose.
Parts attach together – cement not essential for assembly.
Skin is rippled and worn looking – very lifelike and used.
Shorter legs in front, small head, double plates lining the back, and strong spikes at the end of the tail.
Various shades of green and light green, plus reptilian-like bumps throughout its large body.
Informative pictorial instruction sheet included.